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Hello my name is Victor Herrera, I am a Mexican wedding photographer based in Riviera Maya. I have lived here for 18 years and I have shot many weddings all around Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Holbox all the Riviera Maya. I have also shot weddings all around Mexico and all around the world. Traveling is a passion of mine!




I know first hand just how stressful organizing a wedding can be, but it can be even more stressful organizing a wedding outside of your comfort zone, a destination wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you organize your wedding, making it romantic, unique and creative!

Vendor fee

1.- Vendor Fee in the hotel areas, vendors, in hopes of getting all of the business practically force you into taking the hotel’s offers. However, if you choose a different provider for any services that the hotel offers, they charge you an unjust and exaggerated vendor fee. Here is a list of hotels that do not charge you for a vendor fee. Click Here. I have worked 18 years around the Riviera Maya area, so I know the best vendors around this area, and the most economical packages that the hotels offer, like florists, Dj’s, Bands, makeup artists, catering services, and the most important part, the wedding photographer, wedding planner and wedding decorator.



Now, imagine having to pay a vendor fee for each one of these, therefore, making the cost of your wedding higher. For example, something so important like decorating your wedding, the hotel would put whatever they have in stock into this very important day, therefore, making it like any other wedding they have had, not reflecting your creativity and even more so your personality. Knowing all of this you will be able to talk with the hotel and make them know that you do not want to pay for these outrageous things, and if they say otherwise, the best option would be to have your wedding somewhere else.

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Mexico wedding photographer

Wedding planner

2.-Wedding Planner. In order for you to have an amazing wedding, your best friend should be your wedding planner. The best venues, such as a private beach, that don’t have nosy tourists, are great places to host your wedding. Your wedding planner can give you more options that fit your personality, and I can give you a list of these places, by clicking on the following link. What else can I wedding planner do for you? In a few words, they can make sure your wedding is a reflection of your personality, and that is unique. They will find you the best florists, Dj’s, Bands, makeup artists, fireworks, mexican handcrafts, and all other details that make up your special day.


By visiting my gallery, like ‘wedding photographer Riviera Maya’, ‘wedding photographer Playa del Carmen’, ‘wedding photographer Cancun’ you will find out that 80% of my weddings aren’t at the hotel, because of the fact that it isn’t at a hotel, also due to having a great wedding planner. If you visit my galery as wedding photographers riviera Maya, wedding photographer playa. You will have more information on all of these wedding planners, like Cancun wedding planners, Playa del Carmen wedding planners, Riviera Maya wedding planners, Yucatan wedding planners using the following link.

Wedding photography

3.- Wedding photography. I know that a good destination wedding isn’t cheap, also that it is very time consuming, but at the end of the day the most important piece out of all of this, will be your wedding photos. Therefore, your wedding photographer must be someone you trust 100%. Someone who has the sensitivity to capture perfect moments, emotions, details, and creative photos that reflect the environment of that day. When you see your photos, you will be surprised by the touch of detail, the moments you didn’t expect us to get and the unforgettable photos that will be shared through generations to come. Surely you will want to share these photos with your future kids, friends, family, and people that weren’t able to make it. Therefore you cannot leave this up to someone who doesn’t have experience. It would be hard to imagine a photographer that photographs more than 30 weddings a month at the same hotel, and expect creativity. For example, I on the other hand, do not photograph more than 30 wedding’s a year so I can make sure I invest my time in new ideas, picking new places to create amazing photos. This is a long process, but I do it, for the purpose of having a higher quality shoot with my clients. This has helped me out a ton, by being recognized as one of the top 20 best wedding photographers in the world (According to ISWP). This has given me the privilage of being an ambassador of the FUJIFILM brand.


I am thrilled that you have considered me, and I invite you to check out my website to view my galleries, and to get into contact with me, to get a quote!

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